Sunday, April 7, 2013

Paperwork : The Correct Answer

Sometimes, you wish to ask yourself -
"Was I born on Earth to only study, work for long hours in the office and hide myself behind a pile of big, fat, mind-blowing (yeah, the mind is usually blown afterwards) books? What is the significance of my existence?"

If your answer is "Yes", then congratulations! It proves that you're perfectly normal (well, I assume you are) and the questions don't have anything to do with your occasional glimpses of lunacy.

Keeping in mind the pace at which the current generation is advancing, it's actually hard to NOT ask yourself those questions. Now, some may oppose and argue -
"Advancement of our civilization means stricter workload, more nose-bleeding, head throbbing moments. And this is natural, since we're all participants of the International Rat Race from the day we arrive on Earth (and increase the already ridiculously-high population) until the day we breathe our last. It takes guts instead, to hold your own in this situation and keep going - that's what separates you from the rest."

Yes, all your points are noted. But can anyone of you figure out WHY it's happening? WHY we're not able to balance the times we devote for our work and recreation (and, erm..procreation)?

The answer, in fact, is right there in the argument put forward by the opposition. "Advancement of our civilization" is their magic phrase - a phrase used to answer all questions concerning improvements in technology, arrival of newer gadgets, work-related stress and even poorly functioning brains of certain employees.

Sample these -
  • What is the reason for the rapid increase in the workload of the employees in offices? (Answer: Advancement of our civilization.)
  • What is the reason for the increase in number of terrorist attacks all over the world? (Answer: Advancement of our civilization. Yes, it is partly responsible, actually - other than the overblown religious sentiments of the terrorists concerned, since everyone craves for power nowadays.)
  • What is the reason for acute spondylosis and various other chronic illnesses for which casual leave is taken from work by the young and old alike? (Again, advancement of civilization.)

This is slowly reaching the upper limit of the "insanity-meter" - since it has already reached such a point that the reasons for going to sleep, waking up and brushing our teeth seem to be the only few remaining things which have been spared from the "wrath" of the "Advancement of our civilization". Well, I doubt how long it's going to stay that way though. (tongue-in-cheek)

Amusing as it may seem, may well be the reality in future, since everything is being controlled nowadays by those who have big wads of bills stashed in their bank accounts. If everything that the clowns (sorry), "Advancement.." propagators have pointed out to us is true, then they should definitely be aware of the situations cropping up elsewhere.

Global warming, nuclear radiation, holes in the ozone layer, acute shortage of drinking water, food and basic amenities in various "developing" and under-developed countries - all these weren't caused by your next-door neighbor, were they?

The "Advancement.." propagators remain silent.

I myself am grateful for the advent of technology, because that's the reason why I'm able to type this at all and post it on the internet, but what we actually need instead of people who rant about all the good that these "advancements" have done to our lives is - sit up, straighten our backs, understand the reality instead of living in a dream and look forward to help in preventing such a delicate and critical situation from taking a devastating turn which can potentially compromise our whole existence.

Personally, I find it very interesting to notice how the people who preach about the seemingly unending gifts that the evolution of our civilization bestowed upon us, do not have any answer to WHY these "gifts" seem to lead us right towards another mass extinction. Nowadays, finding someone who does not put his/her own needs before the needs of the people at large, is worse than finding a needle in a haystack. People are more concerned about fulfilling their own desires, than working for a better future with the ones they're close to. I've seen myself losing out on everything I care for, compromised too much for basically nothing in return, worked towards a future that others refused to perceive - so yeah, in a way, it's similar to a bad investment in the stock market, where you keep too much at stake and return back with empty hands.
But I don't remember since when emotions and business deals were being measured on the same scale. Maybe someday we'll have emotions and ambitions being bought and sold at the stock exchanges, with self-centered-ideals and manipulation-of-unsuspecting-humans being the currency. In this present generation, people are more concerned about fulfilling their own grand missions instead of working for the actual grand mission that everyone of us are born to take care of - protecting the planet, protecting Nature, protecting our family, our closest ones, our very existence..

"Optimism is essential for achievement and it is also the foundation of courage and true progress."

Keeping Nicolas Murray Butler in mind, it all boils down to WHAT and WHO you choose to be. It's not about what we CAN do for the people (and for all forms of life) on the planet, it's about how much we are WILLING to - the only reason why I'm still working towards a better future for others in my own little way, hoping that it does leave its mark on the face of the planet in some way or the other.

And finally, returning back to the same question again -
"What actually is the reason for global warming, ozone layer depletion and ridiculous amounts of pollution, all of which threatens our very existence?"

The correct answer to THAT, my friend, is the same inane, magic phrase of our dear propagators - 
"Advancement of our civilization."

(So, what is the significance of your existence? Do you have the correct answer?)

One direction with no turning back, soon it will burn to black.


  1. Well-written. Maybe I would say - "perks of knowing Mrinmoy Saha that I got to read a post as this." A really good composition.

    1. Thank you very much Avigyan, for the kind words. (-:

  2. And I hope people don't miss out on the link right at the end of this post. (-:
    (One direction with no turning back, soon it will burn to black.)

  3. I couldn't agree more and it's so very well put! Inspiring...and the final quote adds a perfect little heartbreaking touch (perhaps because it instantly triggers my mind's in-built music player).

    1. Thank you so much for the reply. Well, music is our constant companion these times, so I decided to insert that link in the end (as I found it to be matching well with the subject). Thanks to Blackfield for the great song! (-:

  4. Inspiring post which tends to make the read stop and think why are we actually here...or where are we eventually headed. But one thing i couldn't help but general the post is a wee bit haphazard and lacks direction in general. But overall a commendable effort with an excellent punchline at the end. Keep up the good work bro......may you succeed in making your time here significant as you desire. May HE be with you. Thank you for such a good read.

    1. I appreciate your constructive criticism of this post. I will definitely try and keep this points in mind the next time I start writing a new story.
      Thanks for the wishes. Good luck to you too. (-:

  5. Well chosen subject. True, advancement did have a lot of negative impact. However, missing all the positive aspect makes it incomplete. We are what we are cuz of both the effects. And taking a step back to undo a negative impact will also impact something we have gained/learnt/improved on/evolved from.

    If I am to comment on the writing as a whole, no one can be perfect, but practice makes a man improved and advanced. All the best!

    1. Of course we have come so far, reclining on our sofas and working on the Internet whenever we want to - thanks to the "advancement of our civilization". But there's also a cost behind all this, which the people from the lower levels of the society have to unfortunately suffer.
      It's not just about the negatives of the advancement of technology, it's also about how people have detached themselves from their close ones to pursue their own plans (in short, behaving like a self-centered prick).

      Thank you very much for your feedback, dada.
      Best, M

  6. This article presents the fundamental question of existence:
    Why all this?
    There are simple answers and answers that seem confusing at first glance.
    The true answer lies behind the obvious, because nothing is as it seems.
    Each person makes his own decisions because of what he deems in his existence as a priority.
    These are not always compatible with the decisions / expectations of others.
    Also not always understandable or obvious at first glance.
    Also not always acceptable.
    But if we hate others for these decisions
    we have learned nothing.

    1. The fundamental question is not "Why all this?"
      It's "What is the significance of your existence?"
      It's not about the "why". It's about whether that "why" helps in changing the world for better at all.
      It's not at all unusual to decide for the "self", instead of thinking in a "selfless" manner, because that's what everyone's doing - thanks to the culture. To "label" priorities & then show incompatibility as a reason, indeed it's easy - nobody said working for others is a piece of cake.


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